Instructions and Explanations.

The problem.

Visualizer Plus® was as a direct response of a malware-virus that hid files from removable disks. The virus then created a shortcut file to the [now] hidden file. Now, that didn't pose a problem to a majority of the users infected by the virus, because they were still able to access their files via the shortcut provided by the virus.

The problem only began as soon the anti-virus programs began to detect these viruses and started to remove them from the disks, thus rendering the shortcuts ineffective and useless. Without working shortcuts and their files hidden people were no longer able to access their files.


The solution.

Visualizer Plus® is a simple solution to this problem. Visualizer Plus® (VP) basically unhides the files and/or folders of any specified drive. VP doesn't remove the virus, in most cases it olny becomes relevant after the virus has already been removed (manually or by an anti-virus program) from the disk. VP has been a very easy to use interface, and in three simple steps you are ready to go!


Visualizer Plus Step By Step

Step 1: Select the drive infected by the virus (the disk with the inaccessible files). If multiple drives were infected, you can always repeat this process for each one.


Step 2: Select the right option. Some viruses hide only the folders on your disk, while some hide only the files (some hide both), in this step, select the option applicable to your case. If, for instance, the virus hid only the files on your disk (but you can still see your folders), then you should click on the middle box "Files", (see fig 2). The option that is selected, is bold.


The "Also delete shortcut files" option is used to delete ALL shortcut files on the disk. Since the viruses  creates shortcut files that don't work after it is removed (as explained above), you can use this option to delete them all. If you are not sure if you want to delete all the shortcuts then just don't check this option, and you can delete them manually at a later time.

Step 3: Just click the "Visualize" button, and you're good to go! If Visualizer Plus® successfully visualizes all the folders/files on the selected drive, you will see on the status bar a message "Done!". Sometimes due to permission restrictions some folders or files (usually system folders) won't get visualized, in that the status bar will read: "Done! - Some errors occurred". You can then click the plus (+) button on the top right hand corner, to see the error log (a list of the files that didn't get visualized).